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Project Dream Run

Dream Run Ltd., 230 Hamagawa, Chatan-Cho, Okinawa, 904-0112, Japan

Tel: 098 936 7747 Open 7 Days 10am-8pm (Sun 12pm-8pm)

Project Dream Run Cars

"Amazing Performance & Luxury Cars in stock & to order"

Project Dream Run Office

Dream Run Ethos... Performance Automobiles in Okinawa


Dream Run Auctions

Our aim is to source and provide your dream automobile from anywhere in Japan. Our Unique Inventory System allows us to search and custom order performance and luxury vehicles from all over Japan.  Search from over 200,000 custom order cars.

Step 1:

We will gather information from you on your dream car. For example the make, color, mileage, budget etc. We take a deposit of between Y100,000 - Y300,000 depending on the car. If you cancel before we purchase the car from auction we will pay this back to you, but not if the purchase has already been made.

Step 2:

Everyday we will search the auctions for your perfect car, when we find it we will call or email before buying it. We will only buy once we have your agreement. A professional assessment of the vehicle is made with information available to you before purchase.

Step 3:

When the vehicle arrives in Okinawa we will check it and fix any problems we may find. We will then take it to the GOJ inspection center and register it, then it's ready to pick up!

NOTE: We will work with you at every step to ensure that you are happy with your purchase but bear in mind these are used cars and may not be 100% perfect and factory fresh!

Project Dream Run Cars Project Dream Run Cars Project Dream Run Cars

Over 200,000 Customer Order Cars!

全国のオークションより200.000台以上の車輌が 取り寄せ可能!!

Dream Run is Located just outside Kadena Gate 1
Choose from our current stock of Vehicles:
BMW, Lexus, NSX, GTR, 350Z, RX7, Silvia, Supra & Much More!

業者専用オークシャンより、お客様の予算、年式、色など 希望に応じて〃わがまま〃な一台をお探し致します。

English speaking staff will assist you in finding you ultimate dream automobile.
(English staff available Mon-Fri 10am – 5pm)

Phone – 098-936-7747

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Dream Run Ltd.

230 Hamagawa , Chatan-Cho

Okinawa 904-0112

Phone +81 (0)98 936-7747

Fax + 81 (0)98 983-7553

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